Thursday, May 3, 2007

World – Where is it going?

Have you ever heard anyone saying, “The sun is mine, only I can enjoy the sunshine?” I am sure if you see someone speak that you will take that person for crazy.

I am in Bangalore for past 4 months and a similar thing happened here when a couple of months back, court announced its judgment on Kaveri water distribution. There is no need to talk about the whole case as the media had publicized it well across the country. What disturbed me most was the attitude of common people of both the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Instead of understanding each other’s needs, people were simply fighting amongst themselves.

Backed by political interest, some went ahead to create total chaos in both the states. The uncivilized behavior was reflected in agitated protests followed by violence and killings, traffic jams and road blocking for hours, stone throwing on cars and much more.

And all this for water from a natural resource!

I do accept the perspective that water is essential for life and people are actually suffering without sufficient water. But, there has to be right way to put up one's point. This fight which ensued between the people of these two states with water as a "said reason" was not really about it.

I feel in the coming days we will also fight about the moonlight, the sparkle from the stars, the trees shade, the rains, the clouds, and what not. These would be our reasons of abusing each other.

It is a pitty, that at this time, when our struggle should be against population, pollution, corruption, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and the likes, we are simply wasting our time on fighting against each other based on cast, color, creed, religion.

This makes me think - Where is the world heading to???


Amandeep said...

“The sun is mine, only I can enjoy the sunshine?”
Although people don't say this directly, everyone in today's world has this kind of a feeling in some context or the other... The feeling of unconditional love is replaced by selfish motives, true friendships have been overshadowed by manipulative relationships... "Me, me and only me" is what everyone is concerned abt... I hope the world realizes that it's possible to survive in the world without "what" matters to us, but not without "who" matters...

Priya said...

That is true and I hope there are others who agree with our thoughts. The world might get a better place to live in.