Friday, May 25, 2007

A Little White Lie

My grandmother told me once,
He is all powerful, supreme and omnipotent,
So oneday, in my virtousness,
I appealed to Him -
May no sapient ever grow,
For the cosmos needs,
A juvenile's purity, a child's morality,
simpleness and naviety,
I got assured,
A supreme power would hear me,
And this planet will overflow -
With affection, calmness, tranquility and faith,
I waited - endlessly and patiently,
To this very day,
I wonder again and again,
Why grandmother lied to me?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Trees never grow....its the branches that spread,
Birds never fly....its the wings that flap,
Night never comes....its the Earth that moves,
Life never ends....its WE who stop.

Monday, May 14, 2007

An Evening With...

It’s about yesterday. It was an easeful Sunday evening. I was cherishing my loneliness at home and filling it with Television and orange juice. I didn’t have an idea of what was coming.

Things changed in split seconds. That fated moment, it appeared from no where, closemouthed, sluggish, dreamy, and lethargically gazing at me. It gave me a mysterious and spookish look. My heart was beating faster with its each successive move. Out I jumped of my "bean bag" and yelled “shucks!” I could not accept that it was there. But, honestly…it was there.

So I screamed…..and it pretended not to hear me but inside I know it could hear me but wanted to put up a could-shoulder. Anyways, now, I had to do something. “Lage Raho Munnabhai” being fresh in my memory, I thought of taking the road of non-violence. I told it “Please Please…go away!” But, I think it got maddened. It turned its passionate eyes towards me and that was it. The chill ran up my spine. I freezed to death! I was cemented to the floor and I had no clue what to do. I was glued there for like 10 minutes…neither did it move nor me. Standing there, my whole life came in front of me - my school, wonderful college days, my friends, my office, things I always wanted to do and many more. I thought, I thought more and then I concluded. I cannot give away to it. I also called up my friend Aman, who consoled me that nothing wrong will happen. So, all motivated, I hushed along the wall side, taking care not to agitate it. I picked up some available weapons that would defend me against it. I tried all that on it. Nothing worked. The encounter continued for four hours. Wherever it went, I went right behind. It was keeping an eye on all my actions and I was following each of its moves. I opened the exit door to it, it did not go out. I offered to get into a mutual accord….it sleeps dormant behind the sofa and I get zipped to my bed. But, it did not give its approval. It wanted to gallop, jog and sprint all around the house, scrutinize all the rooms and scan the kitchen. It maybe wanted to play with me.

After four hours, both of us were tired.

By this time, I think God decided to help me. And as they say, “After night comes morning”, so in matter of seconds, it maneuvered fervently and with a jerk skipped speedily out of the window. I could not believe it had gone. I closed the window tightly. It was time to rejoice!

This had been the most difficult evening of my life. A nightmarish evening with a sleazy, lousy and dungy LIZARD!!!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Never Ending Needs

Do you feel the need to add more to this one? I am, leaving it incomplete, go ahead!

I need food, He needs drink,
Girl needs gold, Boy needs bike,
Child needs love, Old needs care,
Mother needs trust, Daughter needs space,
Son needs money, Father needs results,
Boss needs resources, Employee needs time,
Uncle needs tea, Aunt needs clothes,
Neta needs votes, Junta needs "a break",
Actor needs film, Manager needs project...
When everybody needs something....Who will give??

Further Added by my friend Aman:
Love needs commitment, commitment needs breathing space
poor needs to fulfil his necessities, rich needs luxuries
unemployed needs a job, a working man needs a vacation
lazy needs to sleep, ambitious needs to conquer the world
And I, need contentment... of my heart, and my mind!!!


I am currently reading a book called Midway Station by Lara Shankar. The book is about little kids who spend an essential part of their life, their childhood, on the roads, in railway stations and government shelters, correctly termed as "orphanages", which are nothing less than jails.

Who are these children? Some who have been left to the world to take care of them, others who have willingly chosen to live this kind of life, because it is still better than what it is back home.
The author of the book meets such eleven children and documents their narration. There are stories of children who have run away from home to escape their step parents, who want to earn money for their needy family, who were brutally tortured, forced to work, and much more.

The thought that comes out after reading the book is that, we, who get all the comforts and pleasures in life, take things for granted and shut our eyes to the world of poverty, hunger and need.

“Can we do something for them”, is the next thought. I would not want to answer it here and expect the reader of this post to put up some comment on this.

But, I would definitely like to thank my very close friend Priyanka who sent me this book as my Birthday gift!!

Open Your Eyes

Wrote in Class 7th
Context: Inspired by a similar hindi story.
A little white dove,
came out of its case,
fluttered its wings,
till they were streched,
It opened its eyes to the beautiful world,
And saw a yellow ball with dazzling light.
Ah! "I saw it first, that makes it mine",
Then, he walked along and saw the roses,
the lakes, the sky, the grass, the trees,
He was pleased, he had them all.
"My little one", then said the mother,
these awsome creations are not for one,
but for ever soul that rests on earth.
What you owe is not the sun, flowers and sky,
Love, pity and kindness to all,
Is what really belongs to you.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

World – Where is it going?

Have you ever heard anyone saying, “The sun is mine, only I can enjoy the sunshine?” I am sure if you see someone speak that you will take that person for crazy.

I am in Bangalore for past 4 months and a similar thing happened here when a couple of months back, court announced its judgment on Kaveri water distribution. There is no need to talk about the whole case as the media had publicized it well across the country. What disturbed me most was the attitude of common people of both the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Instead of understanding each other’s needs, people were simply fighting amongst themselves.

Backed by political interest, some went ahead to create total chaos in both the states. The uncivilized behavior was reflected in agitated protests followed by violence and killings, traffic jams and road blocking for hours, stone throwing on cars and much more.

And all this for water from a natural resource!

I do accept the perspective that water is essential for life and people are actually suffering without sufficient water. But, there has to be right way to put up one's point. This fight which ensued between the people of these two states with water as a "said reason" was not really about it.

I feel in the coming days we will also fight about the moonlight, the sparkle from the stars, the trees shade, the rains, the clouds, and what not. These would be our reasons of abusing each other.

It is a pitty, that at this time, when our struggle should be against population, pollution, corruption, unemployment, illiteracy, poverty and the likes, we are simply wasting our time on fighting against each other based on cast, color, creed, religion.

This makes me think - Where is the world heading to???

A Faux Pas

Written in class 8th
Context: Although, this does not have a specific context. But, was provoked by a similar happening with a friend.

Everyday she would crave to God,
Immersed in the amniotic fluid,
all she yearned was the physical world,
She would covet for the lady in whose blood she bathed,
But, very soon,
He would slaughter her,
And wipe her entity,
He, of whom she was a module,
He, who was her progenitor,
Her creator would would extirpate her,
And she called him Father!!
He had a justification,
He did not desire her,
She did not have his "Y" chromosome,
And that was her gaffe.

Who was he?

Context: Written during the days of Kargil war.

Rainbow and dewdrops,
Candles and lights,
Roses and dandelions,
Were synonyms of life -
Pleasing and joyful,
Fortunate for me,
But, what about "him"?
He, who had never seen,
Rainbows and dewdrops,
Candles and lights,
Roses and dandelions,
For he who was away from home,
I never thought of him,
But, one day I thought of him,
That was the day when he was "dead",
I never cried for him,
I never knew him,
But then,
Why did he die for me?
Oh! He was a "soldier"

The colors of life!!

Wrote in Class 6th.
Context: Don't remember. Might have faced some struggle in life for the first time.

When I was a small child,
And my imaginations were wild.
I thought of all the beautiful things,
The sweetness with which a nightingale sings.
My world was full of love,
From Earth to the sky above.
All those tails from Arabian nights,
Seemed so much full of delight.
I thought the world is made of toffee,
And all rivers are full of coffee.
The trees, I felt were chocolate bars,
Ice cream, I thought makes the cars.
The cloud was a water balloon,
A shining coin that was the moon.
For hours I gazed at the stars,
My mom said, God has planted flowers.
A light bulb, that was the sun,
Sorrows and worries, I had none.
All women queens and men were kings,
Girls were fairies, and lads were prince.
I enjoyed the rainbow very much,
From where it came, I could never judge.
When rains came, water clogged the roads,
But I was happy, floating my boats.
That was my little world of dreams,
A lovely fantasy! As it now seems.