Friday, May 4, 2007

Open Your Eyes

Wrote in Class 7th
Context: Inspired by a similar hindi story.
A little white dove,
came out of its case,
fluttered its wings,
till they were streched,
It opened its eyes to the beautiful world,
And saw a yellow ball with dazzling light.
Ah! "I saw it first, that makes it mine",
Then, he walked along and saw the roses,
the lakes, the sky, the grass, the trees,
He was pleased, he had them all.
"My little one", then said the mother,
these awsome creations are not for one,
but for ever soul that rests on earth.
What you owe is not the sun, flowers and sky,
Love, pity and kindness to all,
Is what really belongs to you.


Amandeep said...

Tum bachpan se hi itni talented and thoughtful ho???!!!

Great works my dear!!!

Priya said...

I think, I was talented and thoughtful in bachpan only. Doesn't seem to come to me easily now!!

masked said...

lovvvvved this one.....really makes you think beyond the words...