Thursday, May 3, 2007

The colors of life!!

Wrote in Class 6th.
Context: Don't remember. Might have faced some struggle in life for the first time.

When I was a small child,
And my imaginations were wild.
I thought of all the beautiful things,
The sweetness with which a nightingale sings.
My world was full of love,
From Earth to the sky above.
All those tails from Arabian nights,
Seemed so much full of delight.
I thought the world is made of toffee,
And all rivers are full of coffee.
The trees, I felt were chocolate bars,
Ice cream, I thought makes the cars.
The cloud was a water balloon,
A shining coin that was the moon.
For hours I gazed at the stars,
My mom said, God has planted flowers.
A light bulb, that was the sun,
Sorrows and worries, I had none.
All women queens and men were kings,
Girls were fairies, and lads were prince.
I enjoyed the rainbow very much,
From where it came, I could never judge.
When rains came, water clogged the roads,
But I was happy, floating my boats.
That was my little world of dreams,
A lovely fantasy! As it now seems.

1 comment:

Amandeep said...

:) such a lovely expression!!!
And so beautifully written for a 11-12 yr old!!!
If such were ur writings at that age, I'm sure your recent works would completely floor us!!!