Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You dont have to always think positive. Sometimes, THINK NEGATIVE: to corruption, to crime and to dirty politics.  

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's Get This Straight -------------

They say “When you don’t look straight you lie.” So, judging if someone is lying to me is to try and look directly into her eyes….if the person looks back, s/he is true, if not, s/he is lying. Simple!!

But, is this in itself apt? Maybe this is a truth test. But, for me there are many more times when I don’t look into a person’s eyes and I am not lying…..


1. When I am praising someone or when someone is complimenting me
2. When I am telling someone how much I care for them
3. When someone is crying and I am trying to make her feel better
4. When I am breaking bad/sad news
5. When I am talking to my elders (sometimes)
6. When I am ill and talking
7. When I am shy
8. When I am uncomfortable or self-conscious
9. When I am scared, nervous or in a hurry
10. When I am not interested in talking
11. When I am insecure
12. When I am letting out a secret
13. When someone is scolding me
14. When I am talking to a group
14. When I am revealing my real age

…………………and many more

Wait…..does this mean…I am never looking straight while talking?

Hell. I never realized!!!