Friday, May 4, 2007


I am currently reading a book called Midway Station by Lara Shankar. The book is about little kids who spend an essential part of their life, their childhood, on the roads, in railway stations and government shelters, correctly termed as "orphanages", which are nothing less than jails.

Who are these children? Some who have been left to the world to take care of them, others who have willingly chosen to live this kind of life, because it is still better than what it is back home.
The author of the book meets such eleven children and documents their narration. There are stories of children who have run away from home to escape their step parents, who want to earn money for their needy family, who were brutally tortured, forced to work, and much more.

The thought that comes out after reading the book is that, we, who get all the comforts and pleasures in life, take things for granted and shut our eyes to the world of poverty, hunger and need.

“Can we do something for them”, is the next thought. I would not want to answer it here and expect the reader of this post to put up some comment on this.

But, I would definitely like to thank my very close friend Priyanka who sent me this book as my Birthday gift!!


Amandeep said...

Your thoughtfulness is back!!! :-)

“Can we do something for them”
If we believe that we can, and if we want to, NOTHING can stop us!!! Atleast for one child, if not for all...

And my darling, you've given me an answer to what my "something" is that we've been trying to figure out since so long!!!
Will start working on it from today itself!!!
YES!!! Finally i have a direction to head towards!!!
Love you for this!!!

Amandeep said...

And as far as "What" we can do is concerned, I'm sure all of us fortunate ones have the ability to help these children in some way or the other...
Even if most of us cannot devote our time to them, we can atleast sponsor one child's education, so that (s)he can have a better future, a better life...

Priya said...

If I could motivate just one person to do something in this regards, I would say my life has served the purpose. And I think I have been successful a bit!! Thanks Aman:)