Friday, May 25, 2007

A Little White Lie

My grandmother told me once,
He is all powerful, supreme and omnipotent,
So oneday, in my virtousness,
I appealed to Him -
May no sapient ever grow,
For the cosmos needs,
A juvenile's purity, a child's morality,
simpleness and naviety,
I got assured,
A supreme power would hear me,
And this planet will overflow -
With affection, calmness, tranquility and faith,
I waited - endlessly and patiently,
To this very day,
I wonder again and again,
Why grandmother lied to me?


Amandeep said...

:-) your grandmom did not lie to you... he is the supreme power!! yes he listens to all our prayers, but he knows best which ones to answer... If he took away all the negatives, then how will we learn to treasure the positives? Without darkness is there any importance of light... Without betrayal, how wud we know the meaning of faith and love? without sorrow, who would know joy?? And in the absence of pains, who would remember our big guy???


Priyanka said...

Though u have written it brilliantly but i think Amandeep is right...If he'll answer all our prayers so easily we wudnt be able to cherish the good times...coz until we face struggles how wud we know how to rejoice the successes...and whn we come to know its value he guides us to do something to make the world a better place he answers our prayers thru our own deeds...wat say????

Amandeep said...

Brilliant perspective Priyanka!!! :-)

Your time to reply Priya...

Priya said...

Girls! Happy to see that you share this perspective....a very positive sign! guyz are one way right. This might be situtational based poetry.
Hats off to you!!