Sunday, November 30, 2008

What is worse then death is to realize that you only have a few moments of life left. 
When you have an inhaler in your bag, yet, you can take only a few breaths.
You have enough balance in your cell, yet you can make only a few SMSes. 
You have all the love in your heart, yet you cannot express.......
As the guns point to you and they shoot, you are still deciding which of the two can save your life....Bhagwaan or Allah?  


prachi said...

the last few days will reamin etched in our memories for days to come...your post just reinforces the fact that religion which should be the ultimate adhesive binding us is being used to tear us apart...

your last line remindsme of something i read a long time has stayed with me and surmises the need of the hour..."Who are you and I to decide who is hindu or muslim when there is "ram" in "Ramzan" and "ali" in "Diwali"

Amandeep said...

There has been SO much violence in this world in the name of God... the people who do this, do they even realize that their own God - Bhagwan or Allah - would not have approved of all this bloodshed?!