Sunday, November 30, 2008

Conversation with the Dead

Today morning, I spent sometime in front of the Television. And when I say “sometime”, it means some emotional moments. I must accept I was at the verge of breakdown and tears rolled out of my eyes as I witnessed those funerals. I did not know any of them but as I write this post, my heart cries and thanks ITS chief Hemant Karkare, officer Kamte, officer Salaskar, and officer Sandeep Unnikrishnan and many more unidentified yet brave soldiers who laid their lives struggling to free Mumbai from the chains of those shameless animals who like an epidemic are destroying the society.

I want to have a heart-to-heart talk with these soldiers and tell them a few things:  

Officer Hemant Karkare, your funeral ceremony was shown across all news channels.In midst of this, a small yet very important piece of news reported by one news channel got lost by most of us. But, I somehow managed to remember and think over it. The news said that initial investigations have revealed that “officer Karakare's official bullet proof vest was of inferior quality”. Please tell me if this news was true? If yes, then then, it is both a shame and shock to me and I apologize to you on behalf of this nation. Why did you die for a county which can't even provide you bullet proof vests?

Dear dead soldiers, as the nation offers condolence to your families, we, the commoners, also need to ask ourselves… we deserve such ultimate acts of love and sacrifice from you, because, as you die the majority of us watch with apathy, but, are more concerned with sensex and match reschedules than law and order and national unity and pride. When will common people like me ask a simple question to our conscience “what can I do to change this?”

Officers, It is wasting your lives to die for a country so soft on terrorism where nothing changes except the numbers of you dying increases while for our leaders (be it the ruling party or the opposition) “India is STILL shining”. Even a child would understand that an attack of this magnitude had to be planned for months or over a period of time. This incident shows that Indian intelligence agencies have no intelligence gathering capabilities, so why die for it when there'll be nothing except a medal for your family as martyr after after martyr has died while opportunist fool after fool has prospered and ruled?

My only prayers now are that may your near ones live long and be proud that you had the courage in the land of the weak and may your name shine long in the land of the living dead.


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prachi said...

yours is one of the many angry voices that are raising the same questions...i really do think its time when each of us took up a cause to contribute to the nation...

we have sat back and washed our hands off what goes on in the country for very long...not everybody is required to go to the war front...but there are a million other things we can do for our show our love...our gratitude...most importantly for the brave soldiers and policemen who risk their lives for us.