Thursday, April 17, 2008

Let's Get This Straight -------------

They say “When you don’t look straight you lie.” So, judging if someone is lying to me is to try and look directly into her eyes….if the person looks back, s/he is true, if not, s/he is lying. Simple!!

But, is this in itself apt? Maybe this is a truth test. But, for me there are many more times when I don’t look into a person’s eyes and I am not lying…..


1. When I am praising someone or when someone is complimenting me
2. When I am telling someone how much I care for them
3. When someone is crying and I am trying to make her feel better
4. When I am breaking bad/sad news
5. When I am talking to my elders (sometimes)
6. When I am ill and talking
7. When I am shy
8. When I am uncomfortable or self-conscious
9. When I am scared, nervous or in a hurry
10. When I am not interested in talking
11. When I am insecure
12. When I am letting out a secret
13. When someone is scolding me
14. When I am talking to a group
14. When I am revealing my real age

…………………and many more

Wait…..does this mean…I am never looking straight while talking?

Hell. I never realized!!!


prachi said...

So now we all know what a liar Mrs Priyanka Pant Jain is and to be honest each one of us!!! hahaah but its so true when you lok into somebody's eyes you reveal is true eyes dont cheat..and most of the times..we dont want to reveal that we are shy or insecure or disintersted or....Really interesting read pinka!!!

Iya said...

Man... Priyanka, that list is comprehensive... guess you cant be lying all the time ^_^