Thursday, November 29, 2007

Life is strange. None of us knows what life is…is it science, art or something else?

Often I think about it. I have strange thoughts in mind. Where do we come from? Where do we go to? It is strange because we don't have answers to every question. Even science fails to answer these. We think, search, and still do not have the answers to everything.

However, just imagine what would happen if we knew it all. If we knew what is life? What if we were born with a paper in hand, with details of what we were before this life, what we will do in life, we would die and how would be our life after death. Exciting yet scares me! If we knew all this then Life would become useless. We would stop thinking, believing in anything as there would be nothing to unfold. Life would be mundane, unexciting…

So, it is this curiosity of what is going to happen next minute, which lets us enjoy, love, trust, and believe in others and ourselves. It encourages us to discover, to move on, to struggle, and to fight……TO LIVE!

Reminds me of the song:

"Isn't Life Strange"
Isn't life strange
A turn of the page
Can read like before, can we ask for more?
Each day passes by..........

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