Tuesday, October 16, 2007

@ Conversation

“Does it or does it not?” she asked me. I said “Not really, but maybe.” She giggled and said…………..

Ok…let’s start from the starting!

We were having this exchange, P (my best friend) and me.

The debate started with me putting up a naive thought to her. “Can I at this point of time get into what I really want to do in my life? Can I leave my job and join social work, or start my own social organization? Can I pen a book and get it published? Can I take dance classes or learn an instrument or study something? Can I travel around the world” She said that I can definitely do all of this as my family is capable enough to back me. That is anyways true. But, I always wanted to do all of this on my own, without any support…right! Which means, I need to have lot of green stuff with me, quit my job, and then get into all this. Which also could mean that after sometime I may not have all that money in my hand, it maybe there it may not be! Which means there maybe times, when I find myself financially unsettled.

She asked me, “How much does money matter to you? Does it or does it not?” I said “Not really, but maybe.” She smiled and said “This is the Catch-22 of life, you need to take the risk.” We closed the topic.

Now, I need to think if I want to take that risk, what is important to me – satisfaction or money!!

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