Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning Walk or Morning Walker? (Comes from a discussion with a friend…)

Yes, finally I am the proud owner of a Morning Walker!

For the elite audience who has never switched from Discovery, BBC, and NDTV Profits to the comical Teleshopping commercials @ 11PM, a Morning Walker by definition is “a scientifically designed, health machine based on the proven principle of goldfish movement. By using it for 15 minutes, you get the benefit of brisk walking 10000 steps.”
I had been having those guilt pangs of not being able to go for my regular walks from past 1+ year for various reasons. So, while surfing channels when one day I happened to see a attractive, size zero girl using this urbane looking equipment, it was magical – a eureka! I have a solution. I called up the dealer and ordered and its there!
Now, people say that this machine is not a proxy for those enlightening, early morning walks and nothing could match it. Agreed – because nothing can ever replace the plainness of nature. A morning walk is not a walk, but, an experience in itself… fragrance and colors of freshly blossomed flowers, greenery of the just watered plants & trees, smiles on those toddlers who are learning to walk, hope in the eyes of those old men & women who still see a long life ahead.

Sounds good!

But, how many times are you able to make it? I am not! Even if you make a promise to yourself to get up an hour earlier, you realize that very day the maid is not coming in, or it’s the day for an early meeting/call at office, or something something, and something else…
This machine comes to help then. Everyone has 15 minutes in a day and you just have to close your eyes, relax, stretch out, and enjoy! Yes, I am talking about 15 dedicated minutes of exercise. Also, if you do it just right, then you can have the same effects as that of a walk. Drink a glass of water before starting, close your eyes and visualize the park, the sunrise, the flowers, kids, the grass, and whatever you want too. Imagination is powerful and it can do wonders! After 15 mins, you will feel as revived and calmed as you would after the walk. It is atleast much much better than deciding to go for a walk, and not going for it and not doing anything else also.
So, when life is fast and you have technology for help…use it smart and get the results! I suggest going for the walks as much as possible, but, when it is not happening then going the “Morning Walker” way as Plan B is definitely productive.

Happy walking to everyone!


Neha said...

First time here and glad to have clicked the link :)

Completely agree about planning and not going for exercise/walk part! I have been planning to buy one of those machines for sometime, but does it really work? I mean all those benefits that they claim out of that machine. If yes, I might as well buy one too! Let me know!

Anjali said...

I have Chimi, if not for her I would have only talked about walking and not done it :)