Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Royal Book BY Indu Sundaresan…Quick Review

Finally I finished reading the book of kings and queens, the book of the royal lady called Nur Jahan, the story of her life, her struggle, her passion, her desires, her love and her lust. A a new genre of romantic history.

The story begins with the birth of Mehrunnisa (commonly known as Nur Jahan), her entry into Emperor Akbar’s court, her love for Salim and her passion to get married to him.

The descriptions in the book are living and breathing, the words seem alive and the reader feels as if a time machine has taken us back to that era, that aura! When the author talks about the court, her description makes you feel if you are the one sitting right there and observing the proceedings. When she talks about the Women’s palace, you feel you are inside it and enjoying all the royal pleasures. When Salim betrays Akbar, you feel hatred for him and you would want to go and stop him!

Something different about the book is the fact that it does not dwell too much into the positive character of Mehrunnissa. It doesn’t all the time talk about her beauty, her charms. It also brings into light her not so positive shades.

Finally, this is a story of romance…..Merhunnissa's romance, her quest to conquer Salim and to become part of the royal heritage and history. That is what comes outright in the book.

A good read......"The Twentieth Wife"

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