Thursday, December 4, 2008

“Kisi ka jeevan hai sapna, kisi ka sapna jeevan hai!!”

After “Balika Vadhu” made an impression and shaped its own special place in hearts of television viewers of all ages, another daily soap launched again on Colors grasped my attention last night. I had watched its promos before, but happened to watch the serial yesterday.

I was working late (from home) and in parallel watching television to keep myself awake. I happened to watch one episode of this serial named “UTRAN” at 10 PM, and really liked the way it has portrayed the life of economically weaker sections of our society from a small girl’s perspective.

The serial shows an innocent little girl, a maid’s daughter, who is confused why she cannot cut cakes, blow candles and wear new clothes on her Birthday. Iccha, the little kid, does not really understand or agrees to the disparities in the society and is persistently inquiring the same to her mother. She wants to be like the rich girls flaunting their nice-looking dresses and dolls which she sees at homes where her mother works. But she, at the end of the day, has to keep contented with all the used and worn-out things she gets once these kids chuck them away. And when her mother tells her that it is all about “kismaat”, she tries to find out if she can buy her “Kismaat” from a vegetable vendor.

Some people might feel bad as the serial rubs in the fact that maids or their kids are given discarded things. I respect this sentiment. But, I do not want to be negative personally. For me, not showing such things will not change facts. The program leaves me contemplating on three things for now: One, some petite things which we take for granted can be prized for someone else and if I can be a little insightful and sensitive, it could aid bring smile on someone’s face. Two, I can be once in a while grateful to the superpower which drives the world for giving me whatever I have. Three, every child has the right to get the best things in life….for that matter ever human being.

As the title says, “For someone, life is a beautiful dream, for other it’s a dream to be able to live!”

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