Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Motivational Me :)

Things were not always the same. They were worse.

We were a land of snake charmers, who had nothing to do with the rapid pace of developing world, where women were a means of producing children, were sati was not an evil , but, a "proud" ritual, where widow remarriage was a crime, where education was a delicacy and girl education was "not needed", where a handful of outsiders could come, divide, exploit and rule for nothing less than a 100 years.

Then, few amongst us decided to revolt. They did not agree to what was happening around us. They wanted to raise a voice. It was not difficult. A change is only a matter of making noise. If something is wrong and we decide to oppose it, sooner or later, the results are positive. It is all about believing in yourself and proving your point. The need is to "Take the Lead" and move ahead.

And so, revolutions happen and will keep happening in the world and in our lives.


Anjali said...

man I must share this with you. Our transport guys on their own too a decision that our bus shld start at 7.0 am that is 10 mins early.

I appealed to the entire bus to bombard them with mails and LO! They mailed back sayin take any route but reach by 8.15 am at EC! YAY!!! Power of voice!!!!!

Priya said...

Hmmm.....that is really something!!