Thursday, February 28, 2008

JuSt a CrAzY CoNvErSaTiOn!!!!

In the thick of the crazed work environment at office managed a quick telephonic chit-chat with my closest friend Aman. Before I get to the bit of conversation which I want to highlight, a sentence of genuine appreciation towards the meticulousness with which she has maintained this long-distance connect with someone as lazy as me for past one year. If it was not for her, I would have definitely missed knowing a wonderful person so close. Anyways, this is not supposed to be testimonial for her.

So….our discussion started from generic things like clothes, weather, friends, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc…………….then working late at office… and finally money.

And then I said…”Why do we need to work? For money. Is it not possible that there is ample money around the world which all of us can distribute?”

Mad enough like me she said “Priya, wouldn’t it be better if money would grow on trees?”………yeah….very common thought, yet very exciting!!

I said “….there would be complete parity around us in that poverty, no biases, no sufferings”

So, she said with a fire in her voice believing what she is saying would turn true “I wish it was like this. Instead of money there would be trees with all essentials and luxuries. A tree of utensils, clothes, books, computers, DVDs, mobiles, toys, food, (Not to forget we also decided that there has to be a tree of chocolates and had we continued discussing tree types without doubt she would have wanted a tree of pizza and Pepsi completely to herself), and all that we would need for lifetime.

Then I said, “There could be a tree assigned to each of us right from time of birth. This tree should help fulfill all the needs of that person throughout life!

Great! What an easy life…..!

Me and Aman both say together: “Guess we have gone crazy, but we are creative!!”……..or atleast we believed so because otherwise there was no out of world creativity in all this. This thought would come to most of us most of the time.

But… afterthought…..what worth would be a life so easy? No needs, no passion - no passion, no struggle – no struggle, no win AND NO WIN, NO HAPPINESS!!

And I am confident that Aman will second that…….:)


Amandeep said...

"No needs, no passion - no passion, no struggle – no struggle, no win AND NO WIN, NO HAPPINESS!!"

Aur, hamaari bina sarr pair ki conversations ko aise publicize kar rahi ho tum!!!! :-D

Priya said...

@Aman: That's why the name..."just a crazy conversation"