Monday, August 20, 2007

*Saturday afternoon, 1PM, me trying to sleep*

“Kit Kit Kit Kit”

That voice…no rather that noise was getting on my nerves………..

“Kit Kit Kit Kit Kit”

Into my brain.............

“Kit Kit Kit Kit Kit Kit”

“Kit Kit Kit Kit Kit Kit”

Into my whole system...........

I could comprehend that it was coming from somewhere near my house. I got up and decided to go out and yell and curse the creator of this ear-piercing, sound. While walking towards the door, I framed what all I can allegate on this person. Something like, “Do you have no sense? People are trying to sleep here, get lost!”

So…..I went out.

…...And I saw him. Seeing him my anger vanished. It was tough, difficult to get annoyed at him.

I could see his bones. He must not have bathed for past 2 days, I am sure. It was hot and sunny and he was busy mending the road. His clothes were torn off and he had bruises all over his body. He looked hungry and sleepy, but he concentrated hard on his work. Dust was settling all over his head and face, but it did not matter much to him.

He did not look at me.

He was small, lean, black, dirty, about 8 years old.

I looked at him for 5 minutes.

* Me back to home and into the bed*

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Amandeep said...

You've always had a very sensitive heart that aches to see anyone going through the slightest of misery... This feeling shows in this write up as well... But i'm somehow not very happy with the end of this post... I know there's very little that we can do for these kids, but a feeling of helplesness engulfs me reading this... Yaar kuch toh hoga humaare bass mein to make life better for atleast one of them, if not many...

Hope we manage to make some difference to one of them in our lifespans...