Thursday, June 14, 2007

Write! Write! Write!

What to write? I don't know
When to write? No One knows
Why to write? This I know
Tell me someone...what to do???


Amandeep said...

What to write? : Whatever your heart says...
When to write? : the moment you feel the need or a desire to express yourself (and when i feel the desire to read your words :p)
Why to write? : Do i need to answer if you already know???
What to do??? : just follow your heart... Always!!!

God bless you!!!

Vish said...

What is the inspiration of this mam, your words reflect restlessness (may be i am wrong)?

Try a simple experiment in anycase (do this atleast every day once morning preferably)...

take a deep breadth and relax… after a moment ask yourself a very simple question, are you enjoying yourself to the fullest, really really FULLEST?

Do things which give most joy, n live life king size… see the skies n stars, enjoy the caressing of the breeze and drops of rain falling on your cheek bones, hear morning birds chirp away in happiness and not a single negative bone to be alive… start enjoying every moment of life and then you would have countless expressions to write… Every moment will make you celebrate life!

Priya said...

@Aman: :)
@Vish: You say right...and you sense right...when I wrote those lines, I was getting restless...but not because there was nothing to write. I was like that coz there is so much to write but so less time.